As a proactive, compassionate community we are reclaiming control over:

  • Self-supporting food systems
  • Local power generation
  • Main street economics including local government, and
  • Cooperative living including elder & health care.

To enable this vision, we work in a mindful way to foster healthy connectedness with each other, nature and all living things. The values inherent in this work respect biodiversity in the environment and require all individuals to contribute in vastly different ways.

1. What is a Transition Town?

2.  What is the suggested process for co-creating a resilient and healthy community as per the official Transition Town Primer?

3. What does a community resilience mean?

Read our New Member Orientation Package (download file in DOC format) to learn more.

One thought on “About

  1. Thank you!In my opinion, your uqestion is the uqestion of the year, and I don’t know if anyone has a good answer. Transition talks about an End of Suburbia moment, and really focuses on how to best cushion and support people through what fundamentally can be a traumatic shift in awareness. I like that about the Transition approach. But at the same time, I don’t know that their framing is necessarily helpful on the front end. Even the words The End of Suburbia are not necessarily constructive. Pretty confrontational and scary. I wonder if maybe some piece of the answer lies in the fact that many people are fundamentally unhappy right now. Particularly with the recession, I think people are detaching from the American Dream en masse. When you ask many Gen Y’ers what they want, they say quality of life. That is a change. I don’t know that we necessarily gain much from focusing on the end of the old dream. If the internal discontent people are feeling can be associated with a failing system, then maybe people will willingly and optimistically let go, rather than have to be scared and/or wrenched away. I think we’re already seeing some of this, and I want to think it’s possible on a broader level.

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