Transition Meaford's mission is to think globally, act locally:

  • Encouraging, inspiring and supporting community-led solutions for a sustainable, healthy and just future.
  • Strengthening community bonds through networking, event organizing and community support.
  • Finding creative solutions to improve our community with healthy, sustainable initiatives that respect the environment and each other.

As a proactive, compassionate community we are reclaiming control over:

  • Self-supporting food systems
  • Local power generation
  • Main street economics including local government, and
  • Cooperative living including elder & health care.

To enable this vision, we work in a mindful way to foster healthy connectedness with each other, nature and all living things. The values inherent in this work respect biodiversity in the environment and require all individuals to contribute in vastly different ways.

Transition Meaford is a group of citizens coming together as volunteers to promote processes and projects for strengthening community resilience and economic vitality. Each project associated with Transition Meaford is initiated by an interested community member, and grows according to local needs and resources. Our goal is to create a richer, more vibrant community through the re-localization of the services and resources that we need in order to survive and thrive in a world of long-term energy cost increases, climate change, and growing instability in the world economy.

1. What is a Transition Town?

2.  What is the suggested process for co-creating a resilient and healthy community as per the official Transition Town Primer?

3. What does a community resilience mean?

Read our New Member Orientation Package (download file in DOC format) to learn more.