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Web Site Updates (so far)

Hello all,

Jaden and I have been making updates to the Transition Meaford web site, and want to summarize what has taken place so far:

Projects have been updated and each have their own drop-down menu.

Content from our monthly meeting minutes are added into the web site directly where applicable. For example, a Reskilling event is announced, and the events calendar gets updated. Or find out what was discussed about Local Government initiatives in the Bridge to Local Government Project tab.

Submit your reskilling or community building events to the calendar. Email Jaden or myself and we’ll post it. Stay updated by adding the Transition Meaford calendar to your mobile device or computer: Carpool to the Guelph Resilience Festival this weekend, anyone?

Other events that are organized by some other groups within the municipality are listed at

You can also participate in the online discussions. Check out the Transition Forum and email Jaden to add your community post. The Transition Meaford Facebook Page is now embedded on our web site.

We have a web site which Leo kindly administers for us for free, and we see the value of using the web site as the community connector. We need your participation to ensure the web site is a social and actively updated space. We look forward to your sharing of feedback, ideas, events, and discussion online.