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Seed sale and exchange

Support our local growers by taking advantage of this great opportunity to revitalize your gardens.

Sunday May 20th , The Market (at the EcoInhabit barn) is hosting its first annual seed/seedling sale and exchange. We are happy to be partnering with Mike (Kolapore Gardens), Kimberly (Free Spirit Gardens), Anastasia (Beaver Valley Flower Farm) and Jennifer Pittet to offer some unique native plants, herbs, fruit and veg.

If you have plants you would like to exchange, bring them along to swap with others.

We will get things rolling around 10am and see where the day takes us.

Hope you can join us!

Jan Singbeil
121 Old Highway #26
Meaford, ON N4L 1W7

Time to Spring Clean Your Soul

Spring is in the air at last and with it comes renewed energy for change. That ‘out with the old, in with the new’ spirit seems to grip us at this time of year.

It leads us to purge our stuff and hold yard sales. We open all the windows to exchange the stale air left over from winter for the fresh oxygen of spring. We get active and engaged in our community again, eager to shake off hibernation’s sluggish hold.

This need for change seems to be on a global scale as well. All over the world there is political upheaval and unprecedented citizen engagement. There is a great pushing back against the old ways of doing things. Citizens of France and Greece have rejected governments who call for harsh austerity programs aimed primarily at working people.
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Films for Thought at Meaford Hall

New and special to Meaford is the beginning of a yearly film series entitled Films for Thought, presented by Transition Meaford.

In the spirit of community collaboration; Meaford Hall, The Meaford Independent, Evolve Toy Store and Transition Meaford connected to move this idea to the big screen.

Six consecutive Sunday afternoons starting May 20th, Films for Thought will offer movie goers a chance to further develop a critical perspective on global events and ones’ role in nurturing their local community.

Details of the Sunday afternoon Films for Thought series will be re releasing in Meaford Hall’s spring publication (released May 11th).

Tickets are purchased through the Meaford Hall box office: Adult $7.00, Student $2.

  • Sunday, May 20th: Economics of Happiness
  • Sunday, May 27th: The Power of Community (Cuba)
  • Sunday, June 3rd: Urban Roots (Detroit, Michigan)
  • Sunday, June 10th: Dirt: The Movie (Earth)
  • Sunday, June 17th: End of Suburbia (North America)
  • Sunday, June 24th: Escape from Suburbia (North America)

E-mail the Films for Thought poster to your friends!

Seeds and plants sharing

The Spring Equinox is right around the corner and it is time to get our seeds and seedlings ready. E-mail me your lists of what you need and what you willing to share/exchange.

If there is enough interest we can meet and do the exchange either next Wednesday meeting or another date that is more convenient.

Plans for Meaford’s community garden at Georgian Bay Secondary School are underway

As we move into the second year of this project we feel lucky that the ECO class (Environment, Community and Outdoors) have again, welcomed the community into their ‘backyard’.

Golden Town Outreach Food Bank and Transition Meaford, partners in this venture are looking forward to an early planting in the shared veggie patch.

The garden is the classroom to Mark Grahlman, soil expert and local organic farmer. Huddling with students over a patch of soil is second nature to Mark. Again this year, he will volunteer practical advice and guidance.

In keeping with the guiding principles of the ECO class the  goal is to reduce the carbon footprint and nurture the soil’s microbial community.

Since gas roto-tillers increase our carbon footprint and create tsunami-like devastation to the microbial community living in the soil; the roto-tiller is out and digging forks are in.

At different layers in the soil you find different microorganisms. The digging forks will be used to manually aerate the soil and cause minimal disturbance to the layers; a gentle soil lifting without turning. This organic farming practice is essential for enhancing long term soil health and productivity.

“We’re thrilled with this year’s plan for individual plots. The willingness of students to help with some of the more demanding aeration of the soil is heart-warming. We appreciate the need to strengthen our connections with theECO class.” commented Mary Bryant, the local food bank representative.

There are a limited number of individual plots available to people who see value in joining this leading edge approach to organic gardening.

In keeping with the generosity of the high school, the only cost to a ‘citizen gardener” is sweat equity and a willingness to share some of their produce with the food bank.

Once again, the local food bank will be the beneficiary of the produce grown by the ECO class.

Youth are leading the way with their earth-friendly and community-minded plans for the 2012 shared garden.

Definitions of success have evolved beyond the harvest!

Interested in being a citizen gardener?  Call Lindy 538-0167 or Mary 538-2558

Green Drinks on 3rd Thursdays at The Fisherman’s Wharf, Meaford

Hello Everyone;

There has been some interest in reviving the Green Drinks get-togethers.

Given the re-opening of The Fisherman’s Wharf in Meaford, we now have a place to gather that is more in keeping with Green Drinks traditions. So…

Green Drinks
3rd Thursday of every month
7:00 pm
The Fisherman’s Wharf
12 Bayfield St. (corner of Trowbridge and Bayfield, on right, approaching the harbour)
In the bar – turn left after you enter

Hope to see you there!

For those of you new to the Green Drinks concept, here is the web site: