Earth Week

Once again the Municipality of Meaford, in conjunction with a group of volunteers, will be hosting various events around the Municipality during Earth Week.

This year the RE-Use & ECO-Fair will take place at the Meaford & St Vincent Community Centre on Saturday, April 29th  from 10am to 2pm.

The Fair provides a very practical venue for promoting re-use & recycling A positive, up-beat way to support Moving Towards Zero Waste efforts in our community. Spring cleaning and donating reusable items; the perfect partnership.

Re-Use Fair

The RE-Use portion of the RE-Use & ECO-Fair is one key way the community contributes to waste reduction. The RE-Use station receives unwanted but reusable goods. The goods then are passed along to groups that request them in advance via their Wish list. Over the past 3 year’s almost three tons of goods changed hands.

If you are a member of a community group that would like to participate, please complete the Wishlist Application 2017 and return it to by Friday, March 31st.

The list of items needed will be published in April, so please check back then!

What Is A Wishlist & How Is It Connected To The RE-Use & ECO-Fair?

  • The Wishlist Form is the vehicle where by groups, churches, schools and budding entrepreneurs request needed, reusable items for their organization.
  • There is no cost attached to submitting a Wishlist Form on behalf of your group.
  • There is always a deadline for receipt of the completed Wishlist Form.

Time is needed for public advertising of the Master Wishlist before the day of the RE-Use & ECO-Fair.

The published Master Wishlist does not have the names of the groups on it.

  • The RE-Use & ECO-Fair is where the exchange of stuff happens. The donated items that are dropped off are sorted and boxed by volunteers for the groups requesting the useable stuff.
  • Why is the Wishlist event connected specifically to the RE-Use & ECO-Fair?

Eco-Fair Looking for Vendors

Earth Week Vendor Application Form

At the ECO portion of the Re-Use and Eco Fair, the municipality would like to feature local earth-friendly vendors who’s business upcycles or repurposes items from one once useful life into another, or has other eco-friendly practices.

It is a great way to showcase your business and reach out to other eco-minded residents who are working towards a cleaner environment.

There is a $10 application fee to hold your spot for the Fair. Reserve your space as soon as possible. The application deadline is April 3, 2017. Space will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

If you have any questions please contact:

Lindy Iversen
Earth Week Organizing Team Participant

Contact Us

For more information on the Re-Use and Eco Fair, contact us at 519-538-1060 ext 1200, or email

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