Meaford Seed Library

Meaford Seed Library

A seed library is a place where people can ‘borrow’ seeds for use in their garden. And just as books are returned to a public library, a seed library is able to continue when people donate seeds back to the seed library at the end of the growing season. These can be seeds that you have harvested from plants and/or from commercial seed packets.

The Meaford Seed Library is housed in the history room of the Meaford Public Library. The initial collection of seeds in the library comes from a collection of over 700 vegetable and flower seed packets donated by Metro to Golden Town Outreach.

Lindy Iversen, Chair of Transition Meaford, is also very pleased with the development of the new seed library. “Working with others in community to build a local food network is one of the cornerstones of Transition Towns globally,” she notes. “Transition Meaford has been working diligently to build a Meaford Community Garden network. The Meaford Seed Library offers us a chance to move further along that path. We hope new and experienced gardeners will use the seed library to grow what they love to eat.”

The Meaford Seed Library is open to any donations of seeds. Just bring them in to the library – there is a basket behind the front desk for any dried seeds or seed packets!

Here is a link to more information about seed saving:
How to save your own seeds [DOC]

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