Seeds and plants sharing

The Spring Equinox is right around the corner and it is time to get our seeds and seedlings ready. E-mail me your lists of what you need and what you willing to share/exchange.

If there is enough interest we can meet and do the exchange either next Wednesday meeting or another date that is more convenient.

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  1. transitionmeaford

    Just found this on
    Inglis Falls Arboretum – Weekly Plant Sale. Every Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm Arboretum Volunteers will be selling native trees and shrubs. All proceeds go to benefit Arboretum projects. Helpful advice is always available! To purchase trees or shrubs and support the Arboretum go to 237897 Inglis Falls Road and follow the signs next to the barn near the Administrative Centre and Arboretum main entrance.

  2. I have shelves with shop hilgts to start my indoor seeds, an activity that keeps me sane during the long COLD winters. I use trays with the domed plastic lids to keep humidity in. There are screened doors in the front to keep the cats out. The fluorescent hilgts generate enough heat to help germination on the shelf above each light. I roll down a cover of plastic drop cloth over the front screen doors at night to hold the heat in, roll it up during the day when the house is warmer. I lay out all my seed packs and organize them into a shoebox with dividers labeled with the dates they should be started. I have learned from experience that it doesn’t pay to start them too early

  3. I use saved seeds’ every year sometimes, a few years old! If you have a good uomant of a variety, and want to be sure you end up with a specific number of plants, you can easily test for viability of the seeds. On a piece of damp paper towel on a tray place 10 seeds; cover with plastic wrap or a dish; put in a warm place for a day or so. The uomant of seeds that sprout will give you the germination rate (for example, if 7 out of ten sprout, you have a 70% average rate of germ.) If the percentage is low, you can just plant 2-3 seeds per cell.You can go to my website for a seed planting schedule-just go to the Plant Info page.