Time to Spring Clean Your Soul

Spring is in the air at last and with it comes renewed energy for change. That ‘out with the old, in with the new’ spirit seems to grip us at this time of year.

It leads us to purge our stuff and hold yard sales. We open all the windows to exchange the stale air left over from winter for the fresh oxygen of spring. We get active and engaged in our community again, eager to shake off hibernation’s sluggish hold.

This need for change seems to be on a global scale as well. All over the world there is political upheaval and unprecedented citizen engagement. There is a great pushing back against the old ways of doing things. Citizens of France and Greece have rejected governments who call for harsh austerity programs aimed primarily at working people.

Think about all the reactive movements that have been growing over the past few years. In response to the insanity of our industrial farming model which manages to both under-nourish and over-feed us, there are Slow Food groups, Farmers’ Markets, and community gardens in big cities and small towns all over North America.

Shop less, shop local, and shop independent initiatives are gaining ground everywhere, as we have seen our stores flooded with goods made under near slave conditions overseas at the expense of good jobs here at home.

Co-operatives and worker-owned factories are springing up more and more, as communities realize they have more power and ability to shape their destinies.

None of this social upheaval will be easy. There are powerful forces which are not going cede to the wishes of ordinary people. They will not go down without a fight. I fear we will see some people on the front lines pay a very heavy price indeed for their activism.

As important as the people on the streets are, it is crucial that communities get to work becoming living models of alternative ways of doing things.

We are blessed in Meaford. We live in a vibrant and beautiful place. Our citizens care about this community, and many have recently had a taste of success after banding together to voice their concerns about the proposed gasification plant. There is so much potential for us to be an example of sustainable living. We can be the change we want to see.

To help you get inspired, Transition Meaford is hosting their Films for Thought festival (click to open full-size), beginning May 20th, and continuing every Sunday at 1:30 through till June 24th. This is an incredible line-up of films which are guaranteed to open your mind and heart to new ways of thinking and living.

The Meaford Farmers’ Market will be starting their sixth season on June 1st. Head down to the Rotary Harbour Pavilion on Friday afternoons throughout the season and support the local vendors and enjoy the music and the spirit of community which abounds. I will be getting to know the vendors over the coming weeks and will be bringing you their stories.

Enjoy all that spring offers. Hopefully, as you tend to your gardens and enjoy the new life beginning there, you will think about how you can help nurture the tender buds of change which are sprouting all over the world as well.

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