What is the suggested process for co-creating a resilient and healthy community as per the official Transition Town Primer?

Overview of Suggested Process: The community self-organizes to respond in three phases.

Phase I: A small initiating group (Transition Meaford) starts a program of awareness raising and hooking up with existing groups. They articulate the rationale for adopting/adapting a transition approach and show the creative responses that the community might embark upon.

Phase II: As the group becomes larger, it self-organizes in groups in all the key areas such as food, transport, energy, housing, education, textiles etc, and creates practical projects in response to that big question (such as community supported agriculture, car clubs, local currencies, neighbourhood carbon reduction clubs, urban orchards, reskilling classes).

Phase III: Begin to look at Energy Descent planning and the need to rebuild the local economic fabric by starting up local energy companies, social enterprises, and complementary currency systems. There are a number of initiatives in this phase.

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