Bridge to Local Government

Throughout Transition Meaford’s 10-year, we have been working with the Municipality of Meaford to determine how everyday citizens and grassroots action can advocate for positive, climate-friendly, community-minded change.

As the Municipality is undergoing a large spike in development applications, and permanent and seasonal population growth, Transition Meaford is looking to find ways to help the staff handle this while having a clear vision toward climate change adaptation and a sustainable path forward. We wish to help advocate for the promotion of best practices in development standards, with it reflected in our Official Plan.

Let us know if you are interested in helping us on this.

January 2022 Official Plan now seeking your feedback: Please take the survey at

Other Initiatives:

As of October 2021, the 1-year styrofoam recycling program is now in operation.

Tree Trust first started at the Town of the Blue Mountains and a Meaford initiative is taking shape

Municipality of Meaford has now accepted its Climate Emergency Declaration status