Meaford Community Gardens


The Meaford Community Gardens group encourages the creation of an abundance of quality, locally-grown food, produced in an ecologically-sound manner, for all of Meafords’ community members! These sites yield fresh, organic produce for the community every year, and engage community members of all ages in learning how to use environmentally-friendly methods to grow fresh, local produce year-round.

There is currently 4 community gardens located in the town of Meaford at Georgian Bay Secondary School, Victoria Village, St. Vincent Euphrasia School and the Church of the Nazarene.

Running Thursdays, 5-7pm, from the end of June until Thanksgiving, members of Meaford Community Gardens run a Meaford Community Gardens Market. You can find fresh produce from the GBSS Community Garden, fresh fruit harvested by the Second Harvests group and preserves produced from members of the Second Harvests group at the market. All goods are sold on a pay-what-you can-basis. (Picture Attached).

For more information about the community gardens, contact Simona Freiberg (

GBSS Community Garden

In the summer of 2011, Meaford’s first community garden was created at Georgian Bay Secondary School (GBSS). The GBSS Community Garden is a collaborative project between Transition Town Meaford, the Golden Town Outreach (GTO) and the students/teachers of GBSS. There are private citizen plots available for people to grow their own food. There are also a number of communal plots located throughout the garden – the majority of food produced in these gardens gets distributed through the Golden Town Outreach Food Bank.

Village Green Community Garden

In the Spring of 2013, The Village Green Community Garden was established at Victoria Village. The private citizen plots at the garden are tended to by residents of Victoria Village. There are also communal plots throughout the garden and the produce from these plots is distributed amongst those who tend to the garden as well as to other residents of Victoria Village.

SVE Community Garden

In the Spring of 2015, the St. Vincent Euphrasia (SVE) School Community Garden was established. Student and teacher led, with some help from members of Meaford Community Gardens, the SVE Community Garden is an outdoor classroom where students can learn about gardening, food production and pollinators. Some of the foods from the garden are distributed to students via the breakfast club and are also sent home with families in need. There is a pollinator garden located within the community garden area, which attracts butterflies, such as Monarchs, and other pollinators. This provides teachers and students the opportunity to learn about the many pollinators found in our local environment. Because this is a community garden, other community members have the opportunity to be involved and benefit from the garden.

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