Reskilling Workshops


Mission: A skill-share is an open and flexible network of people of diverse interests that band together in an entity that allows people to offer and participate in various skills or help with various tasks.

Have a hobby to teach or want to learn? Equipment/tool/resources to loan? Extra set of hands for odd-jobs? A spontaneous gathering just for the fun of it.

Let us know what you would like to share with our community and we’ll help you make it happen!

Ideas for Events Include: *Speaker/discussion events *Movie night *Apple cider *Potlucks *Workshops *Foraging *Gardening *Herb walks *Holistic health *Energy healing *Cooking *Outdoor activities *Work exchanges *and much more!

These skills, perfected by past generations, are being lost to many of us today.

There are workshops happening in the Municipality of Meaford and surrounding area. Here are some links to connect with workshops:

Meaford Community Gardens:

Meaford Hall:

Meaford Museum:

Meaford Public Library:

Municipality of Meaford Parks, Recreation & Culture:

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