Resilient Meaford Survey

On behalf of Transition Meaford, we are inviting you to share your vision of a resilient Meaford community as we renew ourselves in 2019. Building resilience can mean many things to many people, including economic, social support, environmental, active engagement, connected, and healthy livelihoods. How would you like to build a resilient Meaford community? Click […]

Friends of Waste Reduction (FOWR)

Moving Towards Zero Waste Statement of Purpose: We are Friends of Waste Reduction (FOWR), a volunteer group connected with the Development & Environmental Services Department of the Municipality of Meaford. Our aims are twofold: To work in harmony with the municipality on waste reduction, and To create, test and implement inspiring & practical initiatives that […]

What does community resilience mean?

Resilience is the ability of a system or community to withstand impacts from outside. An indicator is a way of measuring that. Conventionally, the principal way of measuring a reducing carbon footprint is CO2 emissions. However, we firmly believe that cutting carbon while failing to build resilience is an insufficient response when you’re trying to […]

What is the suggested process for co-creating a resilient and healthy community?

What is the suggested process for co-creating a resilient and healthy community as per the official Transition Town Primer? Overview of Suggested Process: The community self-organizes to respond in three phases. Phase I: A small initiating group (Transition Meaford) starts a program of awareness raising and hooking up with existing groups. They articulate the rationale for […]

What is a Transition Town?

The following information is taken directly from the Transition Town Primer [PDF]. ”In response to the twin pressures of Peak Oil and Climate Change, some pioneering communities in the UK, Ireland and beyond are taking an integrated and inclusive approach to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their ability to withstand the fundamental shift that […]

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